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Download the Recruited from the Google Play or Apple App Stores

Create Your Profile

Getting started is easy! Simply join and login to the app and navigate to Player Profile to create your athlete profile.


Post videos, game schedules, photos, and anything else you want college coaches to see

Easy for Coaches

College coaches at any level will follow athletes they are interested in, and be able to see player information, all from an easy to use dashboard.

Share With Others

Tell college coaches you see at camps or games about your Recruited profile & ask them to download Recruited and follow you

Stay Informed

The college coaches who are following you are notified whenever you post new content and will see it the next time they open Recruited on their phones.

Coaches Rejoice

Recruited makes it easy to find high school athletes, follow their bios, and recieve notifications
while staying compliant with NCAA rules.

Get Recruited by College Coaches

Recruited makes the process of getting your name and videos in front of college coaches in any sport much easier. Unlike other services that charge you hundreds or thousands of dollars per year, or a monthly subscription fee, Recruited is FREE!

Recruited is a next-generation social network for college athletic recruiting and it’s 100% FREE for you and for all college coaches.

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Over 50+ Bio Fields

Tell your whole story with Recruited. Everything from club information to shoe size.

College Coach Verification

We verify that college coaches have an associated .edu email and make others send proof.

NCAA Compliant

College coaches do not have direct communication with athletes to remain NCAA compliant.

Secure Network

Recruited was built from scratch with security and privacy in mind.

Family First

Supports multi-athlete families, shared accounts and fan access.

Capture Video In-App

Capture and post a picture or video in seconds right in the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should my child set up their own profile and make their own posts?

No matter who sets up the account, if a parent wants to post during a game, they will need access to the credentials and sign in to the child’s profile if they are not the one setting it up in order to post in-game content to the profile. This allows those in-game posts to be pushed to college coaches during the game.

Q: Who sees posts?

Everyone who follows you or your child will see posts.

Q: Who sees the bio information?

Everyone who follows your child sees the required bio information. The additional bio information is only viewable by college coaches.

Q: Can a college coach see the comments my child makes or others make on his/her profile?

A college coach who is signed up as a coach will only see your child’s profile, their entire bio and all posts. They will not have access to the comments, however if they sign up as a fan, they will be able to see the comments.

Q: How soon will a college coach be notified if I post a video during one of my child’s games?

Push notifications will be sent to those college coaches who are following your child and have selected to be notified within a few seconds of you posting it. However, once you post it, they will see the post the next time they open Recruited even if they do not have push notifications turned on for your child. We will also rate limit the number of push notifications being sent to each college coach so they are not inundated and annoyed by too many notifications.

Q: How do I get a college coach to follow my child’s profile?

The same way they may follow their Twitter or other social media profiles now. You have to let the coaches know to download Recruited and ask them to follow your child.

Q: Can a parent set up a profile for more than one child?

Yes, this is easily set-up within the parent account set-up feature in the Recruited app.

Q: Can my child’s profile be for more than one sport?

No, you will need to set up a different profile for each sport.

Q: Will you sell my child’s personal data to advertisers?

NO. We will not sell specific user personal data to advertisers. We may use the data we collect to create marketing categories and we may sell advertising to those who want to reach those categories, but we will never sell specific user data to anyone.

Q: How do I send my Recruited profile to a college coach?

Because Recruited is an app, you cannot simply send a link to your profile to college coaches. Instead, go to our website and select "Download the Info Sheet" from the menu. It will download a PDF that you can print out and hand to college college coaches at camps, or save and forward on to college coaches with your name and club team in an email or text message.

Q: I am not from the United States, can I create a profile?

Unfortunately you cannot download our app overseas at this time! We may add this capability in the future. However, if you happen to be in the United States, you can download Recruited here and use it overseas.

Q: I am getting an error when I try to download the app, why is this?

Start troubleshooting by making sure you have either an iPhone with the iOS operating system updated, or an Android phone with a current version of Chrome as your browser.


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